Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Aston Villas Hour of need ...

What they need will be explained [hopefully] within this entry.

Firstly, I would like to point out to those that don't follow football, or Aston Villa that this has been a very trying season, for many different reasons, but it has all come to a head this week with the suspensions of Ian Culverhouse and Gary Karsa .

This announcement , and the following one which saw Gordon Cowans and Shay Given as assistants to Paul Lambert for the relegation avoiding run in, have seen a new lease of life around B6, and all things considered it would explain a lot as to why the players looked petrified playing at times.

There are many reasons as to why Culverhouse and Karsa have rumoured to have been suspended for, but it is clear, at many stages this season alienation and bullying is at the tip of the iceberg. For a while. things haven't seemed quite right, although nobody really knew why. Talk of players being sent home from away games alone, or being dropped because of a lack of belief in youth [even though that was supposed to be the plan] and being quoted as unavailable due to injury. [There have been a suspicious amount of Achilles heel injuries on an unrelated related note] although sadly, Christian Benteke's is real.

Moving on to another issue, the dropping of players.

A large portion of the Summer's new recruits have failed to properly settle, and once promising players, Tonev, Helenius have been relegated to bench warming roles [Although last home game against Fulham, Tonev looked back to his Bulgarian best. and even regular starters Weimann and [this one isn't really specific to this season] Agbonlahor  Good players don't suddenly become so bad they'd struggle in the non leagues [ no disrespect to the lower leagues] and bad managers don't suddenly become incapable of managing to walk from the beach to the ocean without getting lost.

Another point I would like to touch on is the idiotic morons who would troll an ill advised Q&A with Joe Bennett. They call themselves fans, although some questions were enough to raise a small chuckle, on the whole I'd be embarrassed to call myself a fan if I behaved in such a manner. The reason it's idiotic, is he'd played a handful of games in Lambert's tenure, yet people blame him for the position the club finds itself in, he is just one man, one player, and the same people also refuse to criticise Benteke for having more enrgy in flailing his arms up and down when he doesn't get the ball.

Back to my original point here, I don't condone the lack of a plan B,C or D there is barely a plan A at times, and making a substitution with less than 10 minutes to go to find an equaliser, much less a winner, is baffling, but it happens time and time again. I've been on record as saying " that kind of decision should be reserved to see out victories or to ensure points don't get dropped in the final few minutes". Lambert's lack of flexibility is eerily similar to Martin O'Neills reign where he has his XI and that was that. I'm sure there is a silver lining under all of this obscurity, but it starts this weekend in the penultimate home game vs Southampton.

Somewhere in the rubble, is a foundation which will come to bloom next season . There are a few current Aston Villa players who I believe have no future, but I will comment on them after the season concludes away to Tottenham next month.