Monday, 29 November 2010


Yes. Yes I Have!

Have you? Doubt it.


Right, let's get on with this. Friday was an awesome day, where I, a humble, bald, guy graduated from something he has done... It;s left me both humbled,and honoured, yet annoyed and frustrated at the same time.

Honoured because I never really believed I could stand on the stage, and receive such an award .
Frustrated because, while Studying what I currently do, I never really saw myself at wanting to do anything else, yet it's difficult without proper equipment. Sorry, private rant, but I still believe, to succed in the industry, all learners,students,wastes of time need to be given the same amount of time, in order to get the most out of it. Some of us, aren't fortunate enough to have our own equipment, so really why are we left behind ?

But hey, it's time to quit being an ass-clown and in the next few days, more cuts are coming. I simply cannot be bothered with your patheticness any more. So just do me a favour and grow up.....

On a lighter note.... 17 pounds! See, told you it was light!

Seriously though, I'm looking forward to seeing The Wonga Man once again for an afternoon of laughter, some anger and other emotions!

Adios for now amigos, and as they say in Spain... Buenos Noches !

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Who Needs Self Promotion ?

Shallow, insecure cluster fucks. That's who!

Normally, I wouldn't care but, when trying to have a conversation, and that's all you talk about, it drives a fella insane. And yes, I am aware I talk about myself a lot, but at least when someone has a problem I don't then go "oh yeah something similar happened to me once".... FUCK YOU !!!!

Right, with that out the way, I'm going to be doing something else. I graduate on Friday, and to tell you the truth, why bother with the rest of education? all I ever wanted was that hat and gown and to stand in front of my parent(s) ,and have them looking back at me, proud of something I've accomplished. Not just proud, but actually a sense of pride one will only get in these situations. I hope, that even when I've been putting you through what I've done, you'll realise I'm not that bad a person really !

This week, I've decided to move on, and get rid of people from my "life", as truthfully, I can't be arsed with your shit, lies and deceit, and im fucking tired of you making me look like an absolute C-Word. Grow up, realise what you're doing, before you REALLY screw someone over, who doesn't deserve it, and If i have to chase any more cars of your colour, then, I wouldn't like to be the driver when I catch up.

When I started this entry, it wasn't my intention to come across as a negative,hating tool-bag, but really, society today has made it that way. I'm kidding, I don't like many people! :)

Still it could be worse, I could be the Ass-Hat I'm writing about this very minute!

As something new, my motto for this week is, don't be an assclown. (Yes, that there is another Jericho plug, and I idolise that man)

Until next time....


Monday, 22 November 2010

Maccie Month ....

is nearly over. I'm both saddened by this and happy, because, I'll start with some brutal honesty , this month has been Fucking awesome and amazing, and I feel privileged to have some very amazing friends. And I long for the day, I can help feel someone as amazing as I do right now.

So, from the fleshy part where my heart used to be,(private joke getters insert chuckles here) and I don't go there many times, but sincerely, Thank you.

Moving on now, and today is a very special day for me. Today marked the release of the DVD of Chris Jericho. Now as a life long jerichholic, This couldn't mean more to any man, aside from possibly the man himself, but I am like a kid waiting for Santa Clause, for the time for me to get my man sized hands wrapped around the DVD. One day this week, I shall disappear from the public domain, until I've finished watching every last second of every special feature, and the original length run time too. My secretary will be taking my calls, and no way will I be answering any E-Mails or texts nor will I be answering the door. Words, from me, won't be able to do any justice to how awesome and legendary he is so moving on....

At the time of writing this, I am also working on a stand up routine, and yes, it is fucking hilarious. No, I will not give away my best jokes for free, but keep watching as one day I may be standing before you making you cry of laughter so look forward to that! Trust me, it will be worth waiting for!

Next on the agenda - The Wonga Man! Yes, you must be awesome to get your own damn section! Feel privileged, and I have seen that you do so kudos!
I met this man for the first time a little under two weeks ago, and my, is he hilarious. His anecdotes in the many different styles are top drawer, and I appreciate his friendship and values , and this is one of the few reasons that maccie month has been so amazing. Watching Jackass 3-D was an experience I've never encountered before, and made all the more awesome by over expressive guy ... GASP! The rest of the night can be summed up with 3 letters, . Those who know, you cruel mofo's those that don't wont understand so I won't bother explaining!

In conclusion, 2011 is going to be a good year, if everything goes to plan, with my training, stand up and other endeavours. Thank you to those, who in 2010, have picked me up from the bottom of the well, and to those who made me fall down there, Fuck you and adios.

Till next time, Stay safe mother lickers!