Saturday, 30 October 2010

Premieres and Pisstakes....

Well, As i type this remembering the awesomeness of last night, a film premiere on a fan made Friday the 13th film... several weeks hard work in filming, and plenty more by the director before the shoots, and since in editing... I definitely know, this is what I want to be involved with until my chest no longer goes up or down. It's a buzz like no other ive experienced in anything, and frankly, shouldn't become a tedious dull natured job, like all the other projects I've worked on before like radio.

Last night showed me, that although the venue (ironically called the venue) was a small compact place in a public building, when I have enough experience to take on Hollywood, and attend big premiers on the red carpet, I'll be ready. More then ready.. Bring it on!

Now as for piss-takes, I was annoyed when i began typing because I'd been waiting for a taxi for over an hour to take me somewhere, but it since came and took me where I was going, so now this section is a little, empty. So instead, I'll ramble on about people in my life that are blatant piss takes with no desires to accomplish anything, who when things become a bit of work, bitch,moan and claw about it. I really don't see the point in you people, but I wish you luck, in all your future career change choices.

This concludes another posting, so stay well mother fuckers..

Until next time...

Monday, 18 October 2010

New projects, New beginnings....

Well, i miss filming frankly, and I'm desperately clawing at the door to get back out there and do something else. So the Wonga man might be able to help with that front!

V-Logs..... Like typing, but faster.!

Seriously though, it will be fun to do those things..... something new, but then so is robbing a bank, for the first time.

I'm sure it will be fun though, and I'm looking forward to the possibility.

I also have a film premier to attend of course, F13: A fan made Friday the 13th film, shot entirely in the UK. It was a fun to make, and attend the making of it, despite all the rain ! .

Any experience is essential at this time, and one day, I'll be earning Spielberg money.!!!!! Yes, yes I will.

in 3453 , when money is obsolete and the human race doesn't exist.

but go me, I have a goal and i WILL accomplish it.

On that note, I'm off to have an asthma attack, catch ya later mother fuckers.

Much Love.


Thursday, 14 October 2010

what's that? An update!?

yes, it is.

Now move along!

honestly, i have no idea...

but soon, i will! so keep yourself, on the edge of those collective seats you're all on.. waiting, moist with anticipation.

Much Love.