Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My Graduation

So, I graduated?
Someone tell me it isn't a dream, and I did gain a degree. I do have pictures to prove it, but maybe it’s a cruel practical joke and I don’t really exist? Though, if that’s true, how did this get written?
I am so honoured to have taken this ride and along the way met some truly fantastic people, and for these people I will be forever grateful for their dealing with my 3 am rants about whatever it was I couldn't do, or just taking the time to care about how I was doing with certain tasks. It was this, that although might not sound like much to you, definitely helped me to take a deep breath and refocus my efforts and slow everything down around me to enable me to make the decisions with a clear head. I've never properly thanked these people, because to me I had no idea how to do so in a way that was more than a thank you, because I felt it deserved more than a word. Though I'm a huge believer in the little things meaning more to me with something as huge on the line as my future, simplicity wasn't ever going to cut it.
Now, I know that I’m not the first person to graduate university, and I won’t be the last, but if you know where I've come from, or where I've been then I might as well be. I know I'm pretty special to the world, and I know I have a lot to give, and I will prove it.
I seem to be walking around taller and prouder since I graduated, and I've recently become accustomed to spring fever, and I [with help] have transformed my entire man cave, and who knew that to get a better night’s sleep is to turn the bed around? Well see, I've now given you all a better quality of life, as you’ll sleep better, and in turn get more done when you’re awake. Just a small tip but I feel infinitely better since doing so.

I love the spring, it reminds me that the best time of year is to come, and up to now the best time of the year is behind me, in regards to the aforementioned graduation, 2014 is going to be pretty huge all being well. I will do everything in my power to ensure it being so!
I'm finally accepting where I am in life, and what to do to get where I want to be, and where I want to be is right there with you on this ride of a lifetime. Strap in, settle down and I will guide you through this year with positivity, Heart-felt thoughts of gratitude, and excitement of what’s to come.
I sincerely believe in myself, I always have, but now I have a new found belief that no matter what the situation is, I can turn it around, whether I end up homeless, or I get stranded with no money miles from home, or I could be down in a darts match by over 300 points, so long as I have my legs, I’ll be fine !
[those are just extreme scenarios, but the darts one really did happen, and I still managed to remain competitive].

I’d rather have regrets for trying something and it failing, then not trying it, and this too happened, but I won’t share the actual event in which I felt this [as it will ruin the feel good vibe I’ve worked hard to produce here].
To close, I am honoured to be in this position, but the real opportunity lies just around the corner, and I will say to you all, do not be afraid to try anything new.

Thanks for reading .