Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Gloriously Undefeated .....

Greetings followers, You may know I've not posted much, (given that I told you i wouldn't be) but predominantly, because I've not posted since early February, and it is now March!

So, on with the title piece of the blog, Gloriously Undefeated, I mentioned in an earlier blog how nobody has beaten me at darts for 3 years, and Sunday, I tested my mettle, against a friend of mine., So we decided firstto 4 legs would be the winner, and I scored heavily in the first leg, but Nick scored slightly heavier then me, and took a 1-0 lead with a checkout on double 18. Onto the second and I scored like a hamster doing a marathon, very slowly and soon found myself 2-0 down. The third leg was where I really woke up and fond myself in the match, and made a game of it , despite missing my double, I felt good, even as I went 3-0 down. At this point, I was thinking, (maybe deludedly) Right, he's where I want him., Time to comeback. It was a pipedream, but I never give up, and was repeatedly asked if i wanted to call it a night, and I said, and I quote " Fuck no, I never Quit, you should know this"

So, on with the 4th and I powered into a 350 point lead with 2 excellent scores of over 110 with my first few throws, while Nick was a bit rusty and struggled heavily, I eventually checked out with a 28, which is a double 14, although I missed so ended up needing double 7 to finish it off. Chalk it on the board 3-1 !

The 5th leg was a tighter affair and nothing really separated us, apart from the pressure shots I put in when Nick was on a double, so I was able to capitalize and make it a real game at 3-2.

Onto the 6th, and For some reason I lost my darts again and managed to plug away, and despite with a high throw of 67, managed to maintain my composure and make it 3-3 with a check out with double 6.

So, at 3-3 we shook and began the final leg, I began much the same way as the previous, really struggling to find my darts, throw them straight and score properly, a few rage screams, and bounceouts, eventually fuelled my deep burning desire to remain undefeated, (the truth is, i didn;t want to lose, having played so badly, so this was more important then I realised) and I knuckled down and got the run of the green, so to speak, when Nick had a checkout of 38, and had a bounce out. So up i stepped with a score of 80 to win, Triple 20, Double 10 for the match. Dart one sailed in the triple 20, Dart 2 just missed to the inside of Double 10, so I left myself single 10 for the match, and the third dart just bypassed and left me , so i thought unable to win, as I didn;t think Nikc would miss his double, but i took a deep breath and found myself back at the oche, throwing at double 10, and everything seemed in slow motion. First dart missed, so i Looked to the left Nick thought I was going to blow it, I can tell with his body language, he was eyeing up his double, that was all I needed, BAM! Game, shot and the match to Maccie! The relief I felt when the dart went in, will probably be never understood by anyone, but boy did I feel good, despite it being in an empty room with nobody watching, it made me feel good about myself!

So, on with the rest of my week, tomorrow I'm back down the docs, to determine treatment, or not, of my CTS. Hopefully I can bring you good news !

So with the bomb scare in Walsall yesterday, and my undercover filming today, it could be a mixed bag of emotions for the week. I do hope for a favourable dignosis or treatment, because I want to get back to training ASAP, although if i have to miss a sizeable amount of time away from the gym, (it;s already been 2 months) I may have to give it a permanent miss. At least I will still be able to use the gym eventually, and from everything I've read, it seems surgery may be the only option to get complete recovery.

I'm pretty much out of things to talk about, except, last week was one of the most awesome in recent week history, and Wednesday, will stick with me for a long time, for I will know it as "the day Kays phone decided she wasn't going to meet a friend for a quick catch up" ....

So with that, I really enjoyed myself, and doing the show on Friday, was a laugh, even if i did push the boundaries of acceptable behaviour, and afterwards, have one of the most vile tasting pizzas I ever had the misfortune to taste, which unfortunatly made The Wonga Man, a little poorly the day after, but thankfully it wasn't serious (or that's what he's telling us)!

Anyway, I must dash loyal readers, thankyou for the interest in this post, and I will be touch again soon!