Tuesday, 14 June 2016

The EU Referendum is Approaching...

I feel I can write this with every confidence that I'm not forcing my views upon you, as you chose to come here and read it. If you have come hear to be told to vote one way or the other , then I'm going to disappoint, I won't force my opinions on anyone, but I feel it is important to at least mention something that could impact everybody reading this.

Sadly, its' time to talk about something I'd much rather not, but the world depends on it, and that thing is Elections , more specifically , the whole In/Out Campaign.

One thing I won't do is tell people how I will be voting, but I will try to look at it subjectively and I'm certainly not being paid to do this by any party. There's a lot of thought gone into how they [and by they I mean the people that would rather not care that you vote for them, but get annoyed if you don't] I also mean political parties. It doesn't matter to me HOW you vote, it just matters to me that you DO vote .

But, I hear you cry "The system is broken, why should I bother" Well, I reply, to fix it? Is that a good enough answer. No? Well, how about that if you don't vote, you don't get a say about anything that happens. So the Tories [example, not real] vote for policy A, you disagree with, and get angry about it. Your fault, more so than people that voted them in, you chose not to vote against them.

The simple fact is, no political party really cares about your vote, they just don't want you voting for other parties, which is fair enough I guess. It's just, why wouldn't you, at least acknowledge people for helping you get to where they all want to be, Actors [by which I mean the collective term] always thank people for supporting them if they win an award, I find it weird, that if an actor would say I did this all on my own, people would probably give them a wide berth from then on, but if a politician does it, people love them for it.

It's especially important to get out and actually vote come June 23rd 2016 because there is no undoing this decision in 5,10 etc years as this is permanent [unlike the Scottish referendum for independence, which continually gets talked about that they'll try again sometime soon]. A one and done situation where the country decides whether or not its better off IN or Out of the EU, [which should be less complicated than that, things definitely have to change].

On May 5th people went out in force to huddle around the tables with the pencils strapped to them, and putting an X in boxes, and the coverage of it afterwards came down to three things. Labour are reeling [apparently]  (Despite the fact Labour performed better than the previous general election), We worship Nicola Sturgeon [and the fact they win less control than in the previous election, is a positive] and you must fear UKIP. No, I'll tell you what I'll do, I'll continue ignoring your Media Bias and carry on listening to what is said to make my own decisions, and completely disregard the scaremongering and underhand tactics used, by candidates, and the BBC themselves.

Its at this point I want to point out that its' coming across that we're Damned if we #VoteStay and damned if we #VoteLeave . This might be one of those referendums where the country can't win, no matter what the people want. While I understand its' nice to have a choice, it shouldn't just essentially be in or out, hopefully there's more work to do later, if the country votes to remain in, hopefully that could mean reshuffling things, priorities etc.

However, hopefully, with the fact that all votes will count towards the total, that could persuade some fence sitters to participate. For instance, if 36 people showed up to the polling stations country wide, and voted like this : 19 Leave , 17 Stay , the UK would be leaving the EU effective immediately, though effects will take up to 2 years to manifest themselves. It's uncertain what happens next in either outcome but perhaps it will become so in time.

To stay where we are, means a lot of the same things we[ as a public. and country] seem to be unhappy with, where-as leaving, apparently better, is not guaranteed, as services [and flights] across/ within Europe will hike, but it will potentially free up more of the international market , but I'm not an expert in these things. It would certainly, upon voting to leave have an impact about free movement within Europe both for us and individuals within those countries coming here .

From what I've gathered, and I'm certainly not alone here, the debates about staying / leaving can be summed up like this: he says this, she said that, he disagrees with her, she disagrees with his disagreement, she says this, while trying to make a joke related to him, everyone misses it, she gets disagreed with again, but then suddenly its' five minutes into the 'debate' and it feels like five hours. Essentially, both sides of the argument states that the other is trying to scare monger to get people to vote their way.

If anybody has links to any politicians, or are one themselves, I beg of you to stop using the NHS as a tug o' war between election manifestos, and an argument to leave/ remain as part of the EU. Its' broken because neither side, or party can leave it alone to do that job it was set up to do. While I agree its' important, there are far more important issues and causes that could use the spotlights of electoral debates etc which are casually mentioned as part of answers about something else ,

To close, it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things how we all vote, as we live in Great Britain, and we will make it work, whatever the outcome, I just hope in doing so people take a look at the bigger picture, and not just because person A,D want us to remain, we think that they're a massive tool so we vote the other way just because.  Vice versa, Person B,C want us to leave, and we also think they're a tool too. I think its' very shortsighted to blame the problems with our country on the EU, and its' also not fair to blame the EU for all of the problems either.  There's a lot of bureaucracy, that I don't really understand, not being in politics, but also with not being in politics, lets me look at things subjectively and both sides of the argument have been floored from the beginning. No side has bothered to take a proper look, and interpreted figures to suit their narratives. I think the EU will get better with time, but I also think we need to look after our country first. Again, I won't be urging people to vote either way, but please just go and vote and let your voice be heard. I know what box I'll be ticking next week, and I hope you all do too. One thing I have noticed, the whole EU Referendum debates haven't convinced anyone to change their minds, unless you happen to be on the vote leave side in which an MP actually thought the Leave side was full of lies, which can be viewed in full here . In another separate article touching on if the UK remains, the Tory party want to go again with another one [this again], that the Leave campaign is "truth Free" linked here . Its funny to me that we want our politicians to tell the truth, but in this instance, we [as a public] seem to be encouraging the outrageous deceit. All I hope is that the common sense of people prevail and we all vote in the end, and as I said before whatever the outcome, we'll make it work, because we are Great Britain . Thank you for reading, and I hope as a general population we are happy with the choice we all make next Week.