Friday, 31 December 2010

Parting is such sorrow......

Today, we laid to rest, the man called Ken, who I mentioned in earlier posts. Funerals, are horrible to be perfectly honest, that may seem a retarded thing to say, but honestly, they're so emotional, you're emotionally drained by the end of it, and yes, tears fell, from these eyes .

As it was, the service was a nice, lovely one, if you can say lovely about such a tragic event. But, so many faces, from my past, back in a building, albeit under such circumstances, was refreshing, and I'm sure had he been able to be in the room with us, Ken would have taken the time, to individually thank everyone for being there. I certainly felt a presence that he was watching, and honestly, There'll never be another. Thankyou for everything, we'll miss you.

Onto the other matters now, and 2010 is drawing to a close, I am excited to see the challenges 2011 will try to throw at me, whether it be comedy, my film career, music, or even wrestling! All of them I love, and to do just one of them will make me happy, but at this avenue, if I can pursue all of them, and become reasonably successful at any of them, 2011 will be the best year I've had!

You may have noticed my new look, well new year, new look. Nah, I just got bored with the old design to tell you the truth, so here it is, hope you like it., I must at this point, thank the contributing Artists towards my new logo! Miss Kay Worley, her art work, is the best in the buisiness, and one day, she'll be a millionaire ...

And Luke Clark, who has a blog of his own, which you can follow here.

Thankyou to the both of you, !!!

Finally, while it's on my mind, I just hope that the people who have tried to cause shit this year, get what's coming to them and wipe their silly smiles of their stupid fucking faces. And it will.

Well, I was hoping this would be a longer blog, but as I've said, I'm emotionally drained right now, but i wanted to throw this out there, in time for the turning of the calendar, and before I got too tired to function.

I hope you all had a safe New Years celebration if you were out while this was posting, and for those that stayed in, waiting for this blog, how did you know it was coming, I didn't till I started to write it! But seriously, as there's nothing else to say, and nothing else to do.... Happy New Year everybody.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

A serious post....

I've had the misfortune of finding out someone I knew all my life, has passed away this evening, and I wanted to take some time to express how much he has impacted my life.

As a baby I would arrive at the local church and he would be there, as a friendly face and that sight was the same each and every week, and remained as far as I can remember even those days in which I didn't go, or those days in which I lost myself and didn't know where to go.

This blog is out of the ordinary for me, but because he had such a huge impact on me, and my early adulthood, I felt it only fair for me to leave a tribute here, one I hope he can see as he is still watching over us all, wishing he could help, and just be a friendly face, which upon greeting would make you feel wanted and accepted.

I'm new to this so I'm unsure on how to express my gratitude in knowing the man, so bare with me.

Ken. Don't quite know what to say . Thankyou for helping me become the young man I was. I don't recall you having a bad word to say about anybody, a rare quality, Great man all round. You will be missed by all. Thankyou for everything.

Pretty much all I feel I can write at this moment.

Thankyou Ken for always asking how people are, even when you didn't see them ( such as myself for years) and I am guilty on losing my faith.

It didn't stop you still trying to ensure I came back and welcomed me .

Thankyou, seems like an understatement, and I'm sure people that knew you better would be able to express more.

One day we will meet again,and I promise, I will try to be a more forgiving person.

Monday, 13 December 2010

An Inspirational, Aspirational piece and a new feature!

So, how am I going to inspire my loyal readers? Well already people are influenced by me, and want to be me, so I reckon I won;t have to do much, but when I become famous.... people will flock to be a Maccie Follower!

Now for aspirational parts... as some of you know, I aim to become a comedian... or a wrestler, or a film director. Or something else... but I am currently in the first steps to super-stardom, and I said earlier, 2011 will be the year of Maccie, maybe it's a little soon
for that, but I know if i can get maybe one five minute slot by this time next year booked and ready to go, I shall be accomplishing more then you cheap little wanna be haters of mine, who can't accomplish anything for yourself cos you still live off mommy's and daddy's money. Sorry, but you doubters, who clearly can't get into a profession yourself, who are still struggling with Light Switches should just go back to the rocks in whence you came!

Honestly, the only obstacle in my way is me and I'm ok with that, so I shall now move on to something else.

Time for a new feature
welcoming Compliment Guy!

Compliment Guy can give you compliments no matter how shit your day is/has been. So today's
compliment goes to you. I like your shirt!

Next, I consider myself to have a few close friends and one day, I will let them know who they are and how much they mean to me, but until then, please don't ride on my coat tails and being a fake friend. I thankyou and you know who I mean.

Penultimately, I love my new belts that I own, because I bought them from a shop, so they are mine! why am i getting excited about a strip of leather, that used to belong to a 4 legged animal walking across a field ? What, offended? I didn't fucking kill it, grow up!

Finally, I thankyou for reading and trust me when I tell you all this, one day you'll be sorry you doubted on me, personally, professionally and for a certain few of you family way.

Goodnight. (Insert your own words here)

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

A matter of life ......

... and facebook!

Seriously, I'm annoyed I'd have to even write this blog, but yet again, people are complaining, because a social networking sight, have changed their design and layout. OMG, like pass the scissors, I must end my life.

I was then accused of moaning about people that were moaning...moaning ? no.... being aware of moaning and asking nicely for you to stop yes. maybe things don't makes sense when you an idiot. Yes,I call you this, as individuals, and collectively, because you moan about things, which won't make a difference in the world , like protesting against student fees. Little point, but it actually has some purpose. Also while I'm on the subject, how in the mother of fuck will changing your facebook profile picture to a cartoon character, stop people hitting children ? To raise awareness and possibly tackle the problem, I was told, well that's as good as maybe, but while you're moaning about face book changes and people like me who refuse to conform to society and make myself cartoonified for a few days, did you also happen to set up a direct debit to barnados to ACTUALLY make a difference? No, didn't think so, get the fuck over yourselves.

Would you all please SHUT THE HELL UP!?

Now then juniors, (as i continue with both this blog, and my endless promotion of Chris Jericho),
I actually feel good about all my endeavours I am planning to embark on next year, and I believe this is the final month or so of living in the doldrums of lifes cycle. Of course it may fail , but don't hate those who want to succeed in life, hate those who are content with working in McDonalds forever.

On this note I bid you all goodbye until next time, stay warm !

Friday, 3 December 2010

Fabulous Friday Feelings ......

Hmmm, there's no time like the present to get alliterative on your asses , so there you go!

Right, first things first, Carrott Cake has officially changed my life. Not because it's so nice, I want to eat it every day (it is) but because I had the surrealist experience ever! Seriously,

Secondly, I was looking forward to another day with sir wonga of man, and others, But alas, people buggered that idea for me. Still, I'm another day closer to the first day of the year Maccie, but to the rest of you, 2011. Fear not, for I won't be a millionaire this time next year, like Del-Boy likes to say, but I reckon I will be pretty well off, if everything goes to plan! Exciting times!!!!

Fouthly, I need to learn to count I fear. but hopefully nobody notices :)

I have finally had the time to sit down and watch the dvd to the legend that is, Y2J, Chris Jericho, and I have to say, it's everything I expecting, and more! makes me grateful for his career and my own desire to emulate him in the ring, one day, perhaps. Thankyou Chris (should he ever come across this blog), one happy life long Jericho holic here.

I've updated my wardrobe this week, and some people soon will see the changes, others, won't! :D

HAPPY DECEMBER EVERYONE ! I can finally have chocolate every day :) ADVENT CALENDARS!!!!!!!

anyhow, Christmas this year should be a good one as it just will, and the few days before I will spend with some people that mean a lot to me ... they know who they are so bring on the good times!

Right, I suppose I'd better go now, may next week bring me more Carrot cake tomfoolery and surreality...