Saturday, 12 February 2011

A new Beginning...

Well I have to say, I've been honoured today, as I have been complimented!

Thank you Luke Clark, who apparently enjoyed my appearance on Kay Worley's radio show, and guess what? We're both there next week!

So if you think you can handle us, then tune in, for 2 hours of madness, music and ... something else beginning with M!

Thank to Kay for having me on, Thank to Rich for dealing with me, and there's plenty more where that came from ! I enjoyed it immensely, and I hope, being permanent is what im allowed to do!

Moving on, many apologies for lack of updates, my lifes been in the crapper, but at least now I feel like i can deal with it, but I haven't been able to blog due to a rather painful bout of Carpal tunnel. It's still affecting me even now, so this blog, will be short, I'm afraid. After only a few minutes, the burning sensation is getting stronger, and the weakness is growing, and even my friendly helper who i shall not name , isn't about to help :( ... Shame....

Still, I soldier on, even though i have 2 assignments that need doing, I can't help having an injury which prevents me from typing Can I ?

WEll, on that note, I shall check in with you later, as I meander into the night, pondering,


Friday, 4 February 2011

Et Tu... the two of us....

I cannot for the life of me understand why this is happening, but three weeks ago, I felt amazing, like I could tackle the world... Now, I feel like I'm down the bottom of a well, struggling against the darkness.

I can't get out, my bodies falling apart, and I can;t do anything right, for anyone. Why do I bother trying ?

Why do I chase what I can't have, and when I work towards accomplishing something, I no longer feel passionate about it ?

Am i deluding myself into thinking, I can become someone, I can do this, and I will be loved around the world by my fans, and peers and enemies alike.

I wanna see the future, I don't wanna see my ruinous past of ruins. I'ts getting to the point where TV shows are winding me up with the lovey dovey, harmonous people places.

Another thing that is winding me is this is the time of year where EVERYTHING is being rubbed in my face, like relationships ... i love him, i love her, love this love that, fuck off. Just because it's valentines day soon, and soon you will all go back in your holes and what? Where is the love going?

See, I'm a fucked up dilusional mess, and I think I need help.

I'm out.