Thursday, 8 September 2011



Why, all of a sudden does it take one comment, to send me into a spiral of hateful anger for no particular reason?

If I knew that, then maybe i wouldn't be getting angry in the first place. I guess it might be equating it to when a PC needs to be defragged. It's the only analogy I can think could be comparable. Still these things are meant to try us and that. [aside from this bit, I am going to break a grammatical law] But why does it keep happening?

Anyone notice what it was? Good, because I haven't done it yet, but I will. First to spot it wins bugger all. Just well done for being grammatically intelligent!. (And no, it will NOT be the classic butchering of their,there and they're.)

So, anyhow. Any thoughts about why it happens? No, well shit.

How have you been anyway ? I don't even know where this rant/ blog is taking me, let's just roll with it and see where we end up [the end] shall we? Maybe the problem with me is, I actually give a shit. Who knows?

Because let's face it, giving a shit is how many people usually get hurt. Right? Yes, right, either females who stupidly fall for their boyfriends, while their boyfriend is out sewing parts with another female, or good natured people whom other people take advantage of.

Seeing as I am neither of these, why is it that I feel let down all the time by people pretending to be a friend? Of course, when I write "I", I do mean a friend of me, because who would turn their back on someone this awesome right? If they did, they lose out. You hear me out there, let down-ners. YOU (not me) lose out. The next time you see fit to Hell I don't know, NO show my birthday, Yeah, just to use an example, I'll do the complete opposite with my foot and your ass.

Anyway, I have no time to dilly dally or dick around, as I have important things to tend to. On this note I bid you all adieu.

Before I go, you all are probably thinking, there is no point to me writing this, and you'd be wrong, like so many people. If i had no reason to write, I wouldn't. (If i wasn't already in a foul mood, this blog probably wouldn't be here, so thank a douchebag (Copyright Anne Roberts) for pissing me off in the first place.


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  1. I'm sorry you feel that way - I understand completely how you feel, It sucks.
    But you have got many friends who aren't fake, and who care about you very much. Please don't forget about them - And see them, they miss you.