Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Who Needs Self Promotion ?

Shallow, insecure cluster fucks. That's who!

Normally, I wouldn't care but, when trying to have a conversation, and that's all you talk about, it drives a fella insane. And yes, I am aware I talk about myself a lot, but at least when someone has a problem I don't then go "oh yeah something similar happened to me once".... FUCK YOU !!!!

Right, with that out the way, I'm going to be doing something else. I graduate on Friday, and to tell you the truth, why bother with the rest of education? all I ever wanted was that hat and gown and to stand in front of my parent(s) ,and have them looking back at me, proud of something I've accomplished. Not just proud, but actually a sense of pride one will only get in these situations. I hope, that even when I've been putting you through what I've done, you'll realise I'm not that bad a person really !

This week, I've decided to move on, and get rid of people from my "life", as truthfully, I can't be arsed with your shit, lies and deceit, and im fucking tired of you making me look like an absolute C-Word. Grow up, realise what you're doing, before you REALLY screw someone over, who doesn't deserve it, and If i have to chase any more cars of your colour, then, I wouldn't like to be the driver when I catch up.

When I started this entry, it wasn't my intention to come across as a negative,hating tool-bag, but really, society today has made it that way. I'm kidding, I don't like many people! :)

Still it could be worse, I could be the Ass-Hat I'm writing about this very minute!

As something new, my motto for this week is, don't be an assclown. (Yes, that there is another Jericho plug, and I idolise that man)

Until next time....


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