Sunday, 22 September 2013

3-0 or is it 0-3 ?

So, this is the week in which I’m beginning to look silly with my pre-season predictions. Hmm, let’s proceed.
I may as well start with announcing that this week’s Team focus is the Kansas City Chiefs.  They certainly will have more than the total amount of touchdowns last season that Peyton threw in week one, plus one more. Ok, that’s the last time I’ll mention it, I promise. Perhaps just one more, with this victory over the Eagles, in which they forced five turnovers… No, I’ll leave it, but you know where I was going with it.

With that said, the 3-0 Chiefs, [Yeah you read that right], have promised much, and surprisingly have looked accomplished. They destroyed the Eagles, who after dominating against the Skins in Week One, have for the large part, failed to live up to that early promise, and made a mug of many so far. (I am one of them). Though it is still possible the Eagles can live up to the dark horse tag I had them being, they need to stop the rookie like mistakes, and quit calling timeouts whilst on Defence.
(True, that would have left them unable to mount a possible comeback as time wound down, a Timeout would likely have been called against them, and the Field Goal still scored, but who am I to argue?)
Moving on, (which is something the Steelers need to do) as do I with my obsession to take a cheap shot on them, and others… [Despite me pegging them to have a .500 Season]

With the Chiefs spoken about, I’m going to move onto the NFC. The Buccaneers. With this week’s trip to Foxborough, it is important that they exploit the weaknesses within Tom Brady’s gang, to ensure that they do not go back home to fight against the Cardinals at a 0-3 clip. What can they learn from their narrow opening week defeat to The Jets (Really?) and last week’s 2 point defeat to the Saints. Their rush game is strong, so they must continue to exploit that, and take heart that without experience in the receiving end for TFB and co, that they will always have extra opportunities to force turnovers. This game will likely see a defeat to one of the teams, and the other will roll on out of town. Ok, you forced it out of me, I reckon that the Patriots will squeak out a Win, but it won't be by more than 3 or 4 points (again). Or perhaps the Bucs will finally get over the line. Either way, I can say that I predicted it, and it's in print. 

With both divisions focussed on this week, there’s not really anything left to do.
I’d like to take this moment to remind you all that the next blog will be up on Tuesday, reflecting on Aston Villa’s away game to Norwich. As it’s an away game, it will likely have a happier tone to it than if it were being reported on a home match. I do wish it were different, but as it is, I gotta ride it out.

Thanks again for reading, and I apologise for the slightly shorter version of this week’s blog, I’ve been under the weather. It will be back to regular length next week.

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