Sunday, 15 September 2013

2013 NFL Season - Week One

So, what did we learn in week one?
We learned what we already knew. We learned that anything can happen when the players cross the white lines. This is what makes it so exciting! Or angry, depending on what game it was you happened to watch. We also learned that gut feelings are to be trusted, so if you have a thought about a game, definitely go with it.

Which is something I didn’t do last week, and I apologise, in the section about the AFC Shock team, I was initially going to write about the Patriots, and how I believe they’ll struggle this year, and judging on week ones evidence, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to think that would be the case. However, I’m also aware that it is only week two now, with just one game played, things can quickly change. I do honestly believe, the Patriots won’t be anywhere near the Super Bowl for the next 6 years, Brady and Bellicheck will be gone in 3. It’s sad to see, but the signs are there, although it’s not totally on these two, although with no capable WRs, No Steven Ridley, it may as well be just those on the field. All in all, Patriots will probably sneak into the playoffs, but not due to performance of themselves, more under performance of their peers around them. Predicted record, an un-impressive 9-7. Wouldn’t usually make the playoffs, but in their division are the Dolphins, Jets and Bills, this should see them win their division. I still love you TFB. 

Another story coming out of week one of the NFL is that Peyton Manning in one game threw one less TD than the Kansas City Chiefs did all last season. Think about that for a second, while I tell you that don’t expect Peyton to do that EVERY week. Now, has that shocking stat sunk in yet? Good, because we’ll never talk about it again. Unless I use it in the week I talk about the Kansas City Chiefs. Which isn’t now, despite the mention. Sorry KC, your time is coming. (on the blog, not in terms of getting to the post season)
This weeks’ NFC shock team is Arizona Cardinals. Similar to the Eagles I like their draft class of 2013, Solid, but nobody really stands out as the guy that will make the difference to this team in the next 3- 4 seasons. With their narrow defeat to the Rams last week, they will look to make the difference against Detroit, and this is a game in which Arizona could easily win, although the Lions are on a high after dispatching the Vikings last week. While this season isn’t likely to be a winning season for the Cardinals, it won’t be as bad as many people may think, and how they finish, will definitely impact on peoples predictions for next season. They could win 5 or 6 games, but they definitely won’t beat the Falcons (Week 8) , or the 49ers (Week 6 &17 ) The others will be back and forth affairs, in which they will be competitive, but it remains to be seen whether or not they can pull out the W. 2013 Final record 6-10 , but is probably 4 or 5 more than people think. They will of course, definitely miss the playoffs though.

*It should be noted, some of this is written before the first game of the week on Thursday, but since that game, happened to feature the Patriots, there’s one thing I can take from it, and that’s this…

I’m glad that’s over. It was brutal to watch, some of the play calling from the Jets was incredibly ridiculous, and the display from the Pats was lukewarm, at best. Awful game, I wanted to bleach my eyes out, but a W is a W, especially for a team that isn’t going to do well in the offseason, or, as what could be said, great teams find a way to win when they aren’t playing at their best. Which is the case for the Patriots? Join me all season long to find out, as well as the trials of the other teams in the NFL. (I still think they'll barely get past the Wild Card round, but we'll see) 

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