Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Behind the Visuals.

There is always an iconic piece of music, whether it be television, film, or in the rare occasion a score to a video game which takes it into a whole other level, and some of you may be aware that soundtracks are a passion of mine, and every week starting from next week, [Week Beginning March 3rd 2014] I will post starting with Number 10 the 1st entry on my top ten list of Television Theme Songs. I will also do a Top 10 Songs from within film, and eventually get onto a top Ten Songs list all of which I'm really looking forward to putting together for you all.

The only things some people may know are two entries on each list from personally knowing me but they don't have any idea where any of the entries will come in. Set your excitement phasers to mouthwatering excitement !

Thank you for reading this, and I'll urge you all to know that, it isn't necessarily going to be from a show I watch or enjoy, but if the TV theme is iconic enough to me, then it is worthy of inclusion and some just happen to entertain me with their television programmes content.


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