Saturday, 30 October 2010

Premieres and Pisstakes....

Well, As i type this remembering the awesomeness of last night, a film premiere on a fan made Friday the 13th film... several weeks hard work in filming, and plenty more by the director before the shoots, and since in editing... I definitely know, this is what I want to be involved with until my chest no longer goes up or down. It's a buzz like no other ive experienced in anything, and frankly, shouldn't become a tedious dull natured job, like all the other projects I've worked on before like radio.

Last night showed me, that although the venue (ironically called the venue) was a small compact place in a public building, when I have enough experience to take on Hollywood, and attend big premiers on the red carpet, I'll be ready. More then ready.. Bring it on!

Now as for piss-takes, I was annoyed when i began typing because I'd been waiting for a taxi for over an hour to take me somewhere, but it since came and took me where I was going, so now this section is a little, empty. So instead, I'll ramble on about people in my life that are blatant piss takes with no desires to accomplish anything, who when things become a bit of work, bitch,moan and claw about it. I really don't see the point in you people, but I wish you luck, in all your future career change choices.

This concludes another posting, so stay well mother fuckers..

Until next time...

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