Friday, 8 July 2011

At Last!

Finally, I am able to bring you another one of this written thingies. Given how I now make Video Logs, then the content of this will be different to my usual ramblings, or will it ? Yes it will. It will just give me the opportunities to expand on poignant points i make during the v-logs.

Given that now I have finally left college, the title of this seems apt, given that I've been waiting for this chance to get into university for a while , and also it's been a while since I've posted. So as I was saying, college is over, college is done, college and I have officially parted ways, seemingly forever, which is fine by me. It's been nothing but a living nightmare of late, I'm just fantastically happy to be free.

I can now push forward the projects I want to do for myself, for a living, without deadlines, asinine imbociles to ruin it for me, and just relax and have fun with the craft I love. Don't get me wrong, I've never lost my desire in media, or the drive to get to a higher level, it just became a tedious dullness of late, which didn't seem like there was any point to anything.

Just reflecting on where I could be in a year from now, I like my future. Speaking of which, just over a week until I partake in work experience for the BBC. Don't know who they are, but I got a feeling inside, that they could be a leading form of media content in a few short years. I kid, I love the BBC !

Just one other thing, Youtube has been overloaded with me uploading college things, maybe I should get a new channel for my films and stuff ? What do you think ? Maybe it's not worth it, given I don't make all that much stuff anyway, but who knows?

I'm quickly moving towards the new project I've been thinking about for months, off the whim of a crazy meeting over a burger with Luke! I should have an update regarding this soon. So stay tuned to the various outlets you have me on and an official announcement will come soon !

Right, things to do, people to annoy.

Now fuck off, and do something worthy with your lives. Go, click the X in the upper right corner, then the windows logo in the lower left, shut down. There you go!

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