Saturday, 22 October 2011

Uni.... How I ....

At this moment, I'm far too tired to think rationally, and such,

Everything you see may be rubbish, but you're gonna hear it anyway!

Now, I know uni's a busy place, and as proven, I'm never stationary (no, i'm not a pencil either) for more than an hour!

I love it. I just need a good sleep once in a while!

On another note, I'm halfway to 50 in a little under 2 weeks. That also means that all my uni work for the first semester will be handed in the day before. This is partly why I've been AWOL or MIA, or to other people, just not been updating my pages !

Far, Too busy.

Anyway, Just wanted to keep you informed that I am still around and thinking of my readers!

Ciao x

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