Friday, 25 May 2012

Owen James Hart.

It's been 13 years.... Yeah 13 years....

We, still miss you.

What happened on that tragic night, in Kansas City, will always remain with us. None of us could believe what we were witnessing, and I say that watching vidoes of the event, as I missed it, so didn't know really what had happened in truth, I don't think I ever will. I just know that watching your matches back, on DVD or Tape, and I always get emotional while watching, and I only do that for 2 wrestlers. You were the first, and the late Eddie Guerrerro is the second. Back to the point of this blog, I realise I have written you, like he can see it as if he was reading it like you are right now,

I still remember where I was when I found out you had passed away. I was on a rare day of getting ready for school, and I had the morning news on and it came up and I stood, motionless for what seemed like an hour, but in reality was a minute. Perhaps two. I don't know what it was you didn't possess as you (at least to me) had everything, excitement, professionalism, amazingness in the ring, charisma and whatever else you needed to become successful.I never understood why you never ended up with the World Wrestling Federation , or if I'm arguing this now, the WWE championship. You were everything I liked in a wrestler, and more. I wanted to become a Wrestler, so that I may entertain in similar ways to how Owen did . Fast forward to now, and I've been through the training, although I lost sight of why I wanted to be a wrestler, I knew that I'd had a craving for a while, but didn't really understand why. I hope that the hand fate has dealt me, hasn't disappointed anybody, but I'm not cut out for the wrestling lark, at least, I will not chase it to make it in the WWE. Sure I'd live to be there, and I still have visions of walking down to the ring on a PPV, and maybe Wrestlemania, and who knows, I'm only 25, and although most tend to start when they are 16,17 maybe I'll be one of the ones that make it when they get into their 30's or 40's.

Of course if that doesn;t happen, I have the perfect tribute to him. A blackhearted king of hearts. This utilises his on screen portrayals when he was the Blackhearted sole Survivor, and his later career (Pre Blue Blazer) King of Hearts. So, what is a blackhearted king of hearts? It's my first tattoo and I love it and its pretty damn awesome!

Rest in Peace, Owen, your soul is at rest.

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