Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Update !

You may have seen my other blog, you may not have, but I've been over there, working on things, having a more professional look at the world, although I'm beginning to think there's no point. No longer do I see any hope for humanity, in a world, where it is apparently a criminal offence to be different and something new.

Also, I have noticed people are scared of challenges, and also success. Why would I then be forced to do something which is both boring and poredictable, but also un-original?

While I see that sometimes, there is such a thing as being too challenging, it is better to be a mindless drone with no opinions or desires, just to go un-noticed and bring a decent craft to my mundane ideas.

 Whatever the formula is, I refuse to conform, I will definately sooner go without reward to something I'm passionate about, to sell out and get un-creative. My time will come, where people get fed up of mundanity and tedious dullness.

Until then, I'm through.

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