Monday, 13 December 2010

An Inspirational, Aspirational piece and a new feature!

So, how am I going to inspire my loyal readers? Well already people are influenced by me, and want to be me, so I reckon I won;t have to do much, but when I become famous.... people will flock to be a Maccie Follower!

Now for aspirational parts... as some of you know, I aim to become a comedian... or a wrestler, or a film director. Or something else... but I am currently in the first steps to super-stardom, and I said earlier, 2011 will be the year of Maccie, maybe it's a little soon
for that, but I know if i can get maybe one five minute slot by this time next year booked and ready to go, I shall be accomplishing more then you cheap little wanna be haters of mine, who can't accomplish anything for yourself cos you still live off mommy's and daddy's money. Sorry, but you doubters, who clearly can't get into a profession yourself, who are still struggling with Light Switches should just go back to the rocks in whence you came!

Honestly, the only obstacle in my way is me and I'm ok with that, so I shall now move on to something else.

Time for a new feature
welcoming Compliment Guy!

Compliment Guy can give you compliments no matter how shit your day is/has been. So today's
compliment goes to you. I like your shirt!

Next, I consider myself to have a few close friends and one day, I will let them know who they are and how much they mean to me, but until then, please don't ride on my coat tails and being a fake friend. I thankyou and you know who I mean.

Penultimately, I love my new belts that I own, because I bought them from a shop, so they are mine! why am i getting excited about a strip of leather, that used to belong to a 4 legged animal walking across a field ? What, offended? I didn't fucking kill it, grow up!

Finally, I thankyou for reading and trust me when I tell you all this, one day you'll be sorry you doubted on me, personally, professionally and for a certain few of you family way.

Goodnight. (Insert your own words here)

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