Friday, 31 December 2010

Parting is such sorrow......

Today, we laid to rest, the man called Ken, who I mentioned in earlier posts. Funerals, are horrible to be perfectly honest, that may seem a retarded thing to say, but honestly, they're so emotional, you're emotionally drained by the end of it, and yes, tears fell, from these eyes .

As it was, the service was a nice, lovely one, if you can say lovely about such a tragic event. But, so many faces, from my past, back in a building, albeit under such circumstances, was refreshing, and I'm sure had he been able to be in the room with us, Ken would have taken the time, to individually thank everyone for being there. I certainly felt a presence that he was watching, and honestly, There'll never be another. Thankyou for everything, we'll miss you.

Onto the other matters now, and 2010 is drawing to a close, I am excited to see the challenges 2011 will try to throw at me, whether it be comedy, my film career, music, or even wrestling! All of them I love, and to do just one of them will make me happy, but at this avenue, if I can pursue all of them, and become reasonably successful at any of them, 2011 will be the best year I've had!

You may have noticed my new look, well new year, new look. Nah, I just got bored with the old design to tell you the truth, so here it is, hope you like it., I must at this point, thank the contributing Artists towards my new logo! Miss Kay Worley, her art work, is the best in the buisiness, and one day, she'll be a millionaire ...

And Luke Clark, who has a blog of his own, which you can follow here.

Thankyou to the both of you, !!!

Finally, while it's on my mind, I just hope that the people who have tried to cause shit this year, get what's coming to them and wipe their silly smiles of their stupid fucking faces. And it will.

Well, I was hoping this would be a longer blog, but as I've said, I'm emotionally drained right now, but i wanted to throw this out there, in time for the turning of the calendar, and before I got too tired to function.

I hope you all had a safe New Years celebration if you were out while this was posting, and for those that stayed in, waiting for this blog, how did you know it was coming, I didn't till I started to write it! But seriously, as there's nothing else to say, and nothing else to do.... Happy New Year everybody.

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