Friday, 3 December 2010

Fabulous Friday Feelings ......

Hmmm, there's no time like the present to get alliterative on your asses , so there you go!

Right, first things first, Carrott Cake has officially changed my life. Not because it's so nice, I want to eat it every day (it is) but because I had the surrealist experience ever! Seriously,

Secondly, I was looking forward to another day with sir wonga of man, and others, But alas, people buggered that idea for me. Still, I'm another day closer to the first day of the year Maccie, but to the rest of you, 2011. Fear not, for I won't be a millionaire this time next year, like Del-Boy likes to say, but I reckon I will be pretty well off, if everything goes to plan! Exciting times!!!!

Fouthly, I need to learn to count I fear. but hopefully nobody notices :)

I have finally had the time to sit down and watch the dvd to the legend that is, Y2J, Chris Jericho, and I have to say, it's everything I expecting, and more! makes me grateful for his career and my own desire to emulate him in the ring, one day, perhaps. Thankyou Chris (should he ever come across this blog), one happy life long Jericho holic here.

I've updated my wardrobe this week, and some people soon will see the changes, others, won't! :D

HAPPY DECEMBER EVERYONE ! I can finally have chocolate every day :) ADVENT CALENDARS!!!!!!!

anyhow, Christmas this year should be a good one as it just will, and the few days before I will spend with some people that mean a lot to me ... they know who they are so bring on the good times!

Right, I suppose I'd better go now, may next week bring me more Carrot cake tomfoolery and surreality...