Wednesday, 8 December 2010

A matter of life ......

... and facebook!

Seriously, I'm annoyed I'd have to even write this blog, but yet again, people are complaining, because a social networking sight, have changed their design and layout. OMG, like pass the scissors, I must end my life.

I was then accused of moaning about people that were moaning...moaning ? no.... being aware of moaning and asking nicely for you to stop yes. maybe things don't makes sense when you an idiot. Yes,I call you this, as individuals, and collectively, because you moan about things, which won't make a difference in the world , like protesting against student fees. Little point, but it actually has some purpose. Also while I'm on the subject, how in the mother of fuck will changing your facebook profile picture to a cartoon character, stop people hitting children ? To raise awareness and possibly tackle the problem, I was told, well that's as good as maybe, but while you're moaning about face book changes and people like me who refuse to conform to society and make myself cartoonified for a few days, did you also happen to set up a direct debit to barnados to ACTUALLY make a difference? No, didn't think so, get the fuck over yourselves.

Would you all please SHUT THE HELL UP!?

Now then juniors, (as i continue with both this blog, and my endless promotion of Chris Jericho),
I actually feel good about all my endeavours I am planning to embark on next year, and I believe this is the final month or so of living in the doldrums of lifes cycle. Of course it may fail , but don't hate those who want to succeed in life, hate those who are content with working in McDonalds forever.

On this note I bid you all goodbye until next time, stay warm !

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